The Hip Course – The High Performing Hip

Melbourne 28 July 2019

This course will focus on load transfer around the hip joint with specific reference to the subtle overloads resulting from imperfect centralisation of the ‘ball in socket’. There will be a specific focus on Adductor Magnus and its interplay between related musculature.

Relevant literature will be presented, including contemporary fine wire EMG results of the functionally separate roles of proximal adductor magnus and middle/distal portion of magnus. This will set an evidence base for consideration of the transverse plane role of the inside leg. Unpublished research findings, examining which exercises are most appropriate to target which part of adductor magnus, will be presented. This will provide some insight into the long debated superiority and inferiority of various hip adductor biased exercises.

Come along and refine your clinical assessment of the muscles on the inside leg, which will include decision-making around its relevance to an injury presentation and how to formulate a management plan around this.

The primary focus of the practical sessions will be to recognise the multi-layered effects of the exercises. The benefits, technical requirements, contra-indications and learning opportunities of each exercise will be explored. Unique inverted exercise options will be presented including ‘The Tower’.


Sunday $420 (Early Bird $370 before June 14)
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The Hip Joint Series 

Ideal for any clinician wanting a progressive and complete overview of the hip, these 3 days of the HIP SERIES will take you from HIP JOINT BASICS, fundamentals of functional anatomy, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, to the detail and subtlety of MANAGING HIP JOINT forces and INSTABILITIES of the ‘ball in socket’.  In the HIGH PERFORMING HIP a focus upon load transfer around the hip and groin with a special focus upon adductor magnus will be explored.

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Leanne Rath

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (FACP)

Leanne is a SPECIALIST SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST (FACP). She is one of only seven physiotherapists in Victoria with this clinical specialty attained through Fellowship exams conducted by the Australian College of Physiotherapy. Since graduating from LaTrobe University in 1990, Leanne has gained extensive work experience with The Australian Ballet (2006-2008), The Australian Institute of Sport (1998 – 2005), the Olympic Games (with The Australian Gymnastics Team, Sydney 2000), the Commonwealth Games (Manchester 2002) and in private practice.

Paula Baird-Colt

Exercise Movement Specialist

Paula Baird-Colt graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and began her professional dance career with the West Australian Ballet before joining The Australian Ballet. Paula received a Green Room award for Best Performance by a Female Dancer for her roles in Jardí Tancat and In the Upper Room. After 17 years as a professional dancer, Paula retrained in the Pilates Method and commenced teaching at the Australian Ballet School a dance specific conditioning program from 2001 – 2007.

A member of The Australian Ballet’s medical team since 2007, she works with dancers to help them understand and improve their body management. From 2008 to 2015 Paula extended her role at The Australian Ballet to work in the Education Unit under Education Consultant Helen Cameron on the company’s education partnerships and outreach program ‘Out There, The Australian Ballet in schools’.

Paula’s special interest areas are hips, lower legs, pointe shoe work and the use of real time ultra sound as a biofeedback movement education tool. Her teaching practice combines visual, auditory, and tactile cues naturally and a capacity to individualise a range of exercises from various movement methods. She is the co-author of the book Bodywise.

In addition to her work with professional dancers Paula’s expertise is sought by elite athletes. A member of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science she has presented internationally as well as locally in Australia.