The Hip Course – Hip Joint Basics: Level 1

Melbourne 7 April 2019

Hip Joint Basics is an essential starting point for the recently qualified practitioner interested in optimising their knowledge and management of hip and groin dysfunction. This course will cover the functional anatomy, assessment, treatment and early rehabilitation of the hip joint, with a specific focus around its differential diagnosis from other regional issues. Radiological assessment will be discussed.


Sunday $420 (Early Bird $370 before February 22)

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The Hip Joint Series 

Ideal for any clinician wanting a progressive and complete overview of the hip, these 3 days of the HIP SERIES will take you from HIP JOINT BASICS, fundamentals of functional anatomy, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, to the detail and subtlety of MANAGING HIP JOINT forces and INSTABILITIES of the ‘ball in socket’.  In the HIGH PERFORMING HIP a focus upon load transfer around the hip and groin with a special focus upon adductor magnus will be explored.


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Paul Visentini

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (FACP)

Paul is a SPECIALIST SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPIST (FACP), one of only seven physiotherapists in Victoria with this clinical specialty, and a MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOTHERAPIST TITLEHOLDER. He is a director of Physiosports Brighton and has been a practicing physiotherapist for 20 years.

Paul has provided services to the Melbourne Tigers NBL basketball team (1998-2005), Collegians Football Club (2001-), EPS, AFS, Mercury Multisport and Tr-Response triathlon squads, Southern Saints Netball Club (2009-), and the Brighton Grammar Boat Club (2002-).

He has been a clinical tutor in the Melbourne & Latrobe University Masters in Sports Physiotherapy courses, and a member of the Victorian Institute of Sport Patellar Tendon study group.

Paul has a special interest in the lower back/pelvis, overuse injuries of the lower limb, as well as the assessment of bike set-up and its relationship to injury.