THE HIP COURSE – The High Performing Hip

29 July 2018

The High Performing Hip: Lessons learned en pointe. 

Leanne Rath (FACP)

Adjunct Fellow, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland

Paula Baird-Colt

Body Conditioning Specialist, The Australian Ballet

This one day course will focus on the role of the hip adductors in load transfer with specific relevance to hip and groin presentations. A series of short lectures will be structured in amongst a very practical exploration of Load Transfer around the hip. There will be a specific focus on Adductor Magnus and its interplay between related musculature (ie iliopsoas, adductor longus, hamstrings and quadriceps).

Relevant literature will be presented, including contemporary fine wire EMG results of the functionally separate roles of proximal adductor magnus and middle / distal portion of magnus. This will set an evidence base for consideration of the transverse plane role of the inside leg. Unpublished research findings, examining which exercises are most appropriate to target which part of adductor magnus, will be presented. This will provide some insight into the long debated superiority and inferiority of various hip adductor biased exercises.


Come along and refine your clinical assessment of the muscles on the inside leg, which will include decision-making around its relevance to an injury presentation and how to formulate a management plan around this.

The primary focus of the practical sessions will be to recognise the multi-layered effects of the exercises. The benefits, technical requirements, contra-indications and learning opportunities of each exercise will be explored. Unique inverted exercise options will be presented including ‘The Tower’.



Sunday $420 (Early Bird $380 before June 15)


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