Podiatry is more than just orthotics.

At Physiosports, our Podiatrists, Anna Beetham and Phil Trump, have a keen interest in sport and are experts in the mechanics of the foot and leg.   They provide expert knowledge in general foot-care and podiatry, orthotics and the right shoe for your foot.  Our Podiatrists also work hand in hand with our Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation team to ensure you get results.




Podiatry Services

  • Biomechanical and functional assessment (including looking at specific movement patterns for the individual’s sporting and activity requirements)
  • Digital gait analysis utilising Silicone Coach technology
  • Treatment, management plans and advice for lower limb injuries including foot, ankle, leg and knee
  • Footwear assessment and recommendations
  • Orthotic prescription (custom made, semi-custom and off the shelf devices)
  • General footcare including blisters, corns, callouses, warts and ingrown toenails


Rebates apply with private health insurance extras cover.