23-24 June 2018

John Contreras, APA Sports Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach


Pilates for High Performance Athletes looks at how Pilates can be adapted to achieve later stage clinical goals of higher performance and athletic development. This two-day workshop explores the use of Pilates in sporting injury prevention and rehabilitation (based on current guidelines) as well as athletic development.


Strength, neuromuscular and agility training concepts are addressed with respect to Pilates. In addition, common lower and upper limb sporting injury presentations, relevant rehabilitation and return to sport requirements are examined.


Topics include:

  • Pilates strength training for high performance / athletic development
  • Pilates for later stage hamstring and groin rehabilitation
  • Measuring and monitoring performance in Pilates
  • Program design in High Performance Pilates




Saturday & Sunday $820 (Early Bird $740 before May 14th)

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