Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

Over the last 20 years the concept of core stability has evolved dramatically and is now accepted as the underlying key to recovery from most long term back, pelvic or lower limb injuries.

In general, your ‘core’ is the deep muscle group of your abdominal and pelvic region. Research shows that these muscles should act constantly to stabilise your lower back and pelvis, acting as your natural back brace.

Unfortunately, the muscles are so deep and the movements required to activate them so subtle, that it has been very difficult for physiotherapists to retrain patients to effectively switch on their ‘core’.

At Physiosports we use a Real Time Ultrasound scanner (the same machine used by obstetricians when women are pregnant) to view the deep muscles, allowing us to assess your ability to activate and engage your ‘core’. You can then see when your muscles are working, which acts as a great feedback tool to ensure that your technique is correct and that you are improving with each session. Research shows that when an individual is trained in ‘core’ exercises using RTUS they achieve better results.

Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.