11th-12th NOVEMBER 2017


Who is the workshop aimed at?

The 2-day workshop is aimed at physiotherapists and other health professionals who are seeking further insight into the use of Strength & Conditioning in their clinical management of their patients. The workshop is suitable for new and recent graduates.

Do I need to have previous Strength & Conditioning knowledge prior attending?

No. The workshop if suitable for clinicians with no previous S&C education. This is not a teacher training workshop but a continuous education course for clinicians who regularly use Pilates as part of the patient management.

What type of Strength & Conditioning exercises are taught?

The workshop will cover a wide range of common rehabilitation suitable S&C exercises. No Olympic lifts are taught though may be discussed. We will be using a range of equipment including squat rack, bar and dumb bells, kettle bells, suspension trainer and resistance bands. However, variations for those who don’t have access to equipment is discussed.

Will I be certified at the completion of this workshop?

No. This is a CPD based course aimed at providing attendees with the tools required to use S&C as a Physiotherapists. This is not a course that provides S&C Coach accreditation.

How much of the course is practical?

Over the two days of content, approximately 66% is practical. The lecture component of the course is to review key concepts relative to the practical content and most importantly discussing program design. There is no requirement to complete all the exercises.

Topics include:

Lecture: Evidence Base for Strength & Conditioning in Physio Rehab

Lecture: Program Design in Physio Rehab

Practical: Lower/Upper Limb and Trunk Strength Training in Rehab

Practical: Exercise progression in rehab

Lecture/Practical: Coaching tips for Strength & Conditioning during rehab


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