Angus McDowell


Angus is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST who holds both a Doctors of Physiotherapy and prior to this a Bachelor of Exercise Science. Angus also holds both industry and physiotherapy specific accreditations as a bike fitter.

Angus has a passion for endurance sports and has been heavily involved in the sports of cycling and triathlon both as a therapist and a competitor. He has engaged in the injury management and performance enhancement of many different sporting groups including Bayside Triathlon Club, Caulfield Grammarians Football Club, African Wildlife Safaris Cycling team and a number of professional level triathletes. He is also spends time on the road with Irish Professional Cycling team Aqua Blue Sports and Australian Continental team DRAPAC Pat’s Veg.

“I believe that on the Injury-to-Competition continuum there exists an opportunity not only to return people to their previous level of performance but improve their athletic ability while simultaneously reducing re-injury risk.”

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