Natasha Sneddon


Natasha Sneddon is part of our Pursue Health team and is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and CLINICAL PILATES INSTRUCTOR who graduated from Monash University with First Class Honours. She has recently completed her Sports Physiotherapy Level 1 and plans to continue working towards her Sports Physiotherapy Masters. She represented Australia as a Rhythmic Gymnast for a number of years after which she developed a passion for Pilates and S&C. Natasha has been working in AFL Football for a number of years  and more recently was appointed Head Physiotherapist for the Old Mentone Football Club and Old Brighton Grammarian’s Women’s team. She also works closely with multiple triathlon squads, delivering private and group based training programs to these athletes.

Natasha has a passion for coaching group based Physiotherapy exercise programs. She currently runs specialised AFL specific exercise programs for multiple football clubs, both online and face to face. She is also qualified in presenting the world leading GLA:D Training program for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis. She is one of five Physiotherapists at our practice that is currently delivering online classes, with a special interest in Kids/Teens programs and S&C. Outside of work, Natasha is a passionate runner and is currently sponsored by Nike as part of a training collaboration with Tempo Journal. She one day hopes to complete her first full marathon.

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