Melbourne, 10 October 2021-27 July 2022

Soft tissue injuries are the among most prevalent injuries in athletes. Despite advancements in research, load management and exercise prescription, some injuries fail to progress and recurrence rates remain high. This masterclass will explore the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and discuss concepts to help you expand your understanding of these injuries, clinical reasoning and advance your planning and prescription skills.





Adjunct Professor Craig Purdam
Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist*
University of Canberra, La Trobe University

Andrew Wallis
APA Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
St Kilda Football Club & Melbourne Orthopaedic Group

Dr Emma Millett
Senior Biomechanist & National Lead
Athletics Australia

Steven Whytcross
Specialist Sports Physiotherapist*
Physiosports Brighton

* Specialist Sports Physiotherapist is title awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy upon completion of the Specialist Training Program.


  • 4 prerecorded 15 minute lectures
  • 1 live Q&A panel (approx 1.5 hours)

Lecture 1 – Adjunct Professor Craig Purdam
– Functional Muscle Compartments: An Emerging Concept in Rehab Approach.

Lecture 2 – Andrew Wallis 
– Have we Become Too Focused on Functional Progression: Do We Need to Remember the Physiological Healing Process?

Lecture 3 – Emma Millett 
– Is it the Weak Muscle that Fails in the Kinetic Chain – a Biomechanical Perspective.

Lecture 4 – Steven Whytcross 
– It’s Not Always Weak: Addressing Muscular Inhibition in Rehab.


  • Lecture and Workshops available – October 10th 2021!
  • Live Q&A Panel – 7pm (AEST) Sunday 24th October 2021
  • Masterclass closes – 9am Sunday 27th July 2022


Once live Q&A  has occurred, the videos will be uploaded shortly after and you will have access to watch and rewatch at any time at your own leisure until the 27th July 2022.


Course price – $89

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Adjunct Professor Craig Purdam

Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist* University of Canberra, La Trobe University

Craig Purdam has recently retired after 35 years as the Deputy Director of Athlete Services and the Head of Physical Therapies at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Craig has worked as a clinician in elite sport for nearly 40 years and has been a physiotherapist to five Olympic Games (1984-2000) and physiotherapist to the Australian National Men’s Basketball team over that period. He has also had other associations with the Australian Athletics, Swimming and Rowing teams.

He was awarded the Australian Sports medal in 2000. In 2009 he was appointed an adjunct Professor to the University of Canberra. In 2018 Craig was also appointed to an adjunct Professor position at La Trobe University.

His undergraduate qualification was gained in 1975, a postgraduate diploma in Sports in 1992, a Master’s in Sports in 2000. He was awarded specialist status in Sports Physiotherapy through Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2009. In 2018 Craig was awarded an honorary DSc at LaTrobe University.

Craig Purdam’s major clinical and research interests are in the fields of tendinopathy, chronic hamstring injury and tissue loading, adaptation and healing mechanisms. He has co-authored over forty papers across these areas during the period of 1982-2018 and consults regularly to many professional and Olympic sports.

Andrew Wallis

APA Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, St Kilda Football Club

Andrew Wallis is an APA Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapist who is currently working in private practice at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group Sports Medicine. Over the last 20 years, Andrew has worked in both a clinical setting and with an elite sporting environment with St. Kilda Football Club, Melbourne Victory, Adelaide Thunderbirds, SACA Redbacks, V8 Supercars, triathlon, and athletics.

Andrew works closely with several of Melbourne’ leading surgeons and Sports Physicians and has developed a special interest in hip and groin pathology which has led to the development of an evidence based assessment and treatment model. He also enjoys treating problems related to lower limb biomechanics, knee, ankle and foot pathology.

In addition, he works as clinical supervisor on the Master’s program at La Trobe University.

Dr Emma Millett

Senior Biomechanist and National Lead, Athletics Australia

Dr Emma Millett is a Senior Biomechanist at the New South Wales Institute of Sport and National Lead of Biomechanics for Athletics Australia. Emma has worked within the Australian High-Performance system for over 10 years, predominately working with Olympic and Paralympic Track and Field athletes as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Key research areas of expertise include exploring the influence of athletic training on functional lower-extremity stiffness on performance and injury.

Steven Whytcross

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, Physiosports Brighton

Steve is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy) and a director of Physiosports Brighton. He graduated with honors from Melbourne University in 1999 and was awarded fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapy after completing his Specialisation exams in 2015.

Steve has worked extensively with elite athletes both in Australia and the United Kingdom predominately in soccer, tennis and athletics. He currently oversees the sports medicine programs for Old Brighton Grammarians and Caulfield Grammarians Football Club (VAFA).

Steve is passionate about advancing physiotherapy practice and is committed to providing the profession with access to the world’s leading clinicians and researchers. He has lectured widely to post-graduate physiotherapists and health professionals and has co-developed the Physiosports Mastering Load series and Science of Cycling courses, as well as, regularly facilitating symposia including Tendinopathy and management of the Adolescent athlete.

A keen golfer and cyclist, Steve has a special interest in the biomechanics of these sports and provides specialised bike set-up and golf assessments at Physiosports Brighton.