Ky Wynne

Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist

Ky is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and EXERCISE SCIENTIST, possessing a Doctor of Physiotherapy, Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine (Sports Physiotherapy) and a Bachelor of Exercise Science.

He has a special interest in working with runners and running sports, as well as with rehabilitation and strength & conditioning, especially in young athletes. He undertakes running specific services at Physiosports Brighton, including running technique assessments, running injury management and rehabilitation, and running strength & conditioning for improved performance and injury prevention.

Ky has had experience with a number of sporting clubs including the VAFA, NPL, APS Football, EFL, along with Melbourne Victory’s youth academy. Before beginning his Physiotherapy career, Ky worked in health, fitness and sporting settings for over 6 years, including with some elite athletes.

Ky has a passion for continued learning and education. He is currently involved in a course advisory, sessional lecturer and research capacity in Swinburne University’s physiotherapy program. He also assists with student mentoring and delivery of clinical in-services within the Physiosports Group and other online physiotherapy training organisations. He enjoys running, the gym, travel, and Melbourne coffee.

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