Asics GT2000 Update

17.Aug.15 | Legacy

This is a warning for those runners who have been loyal to the Asics GT2000 model and have updated their shoes. The Asics GT2000-3 is significantly different to the Asics GT2000-2 and all previous GT2000 models.  Asics have re-engineered the GT2000 a shoe that has been consistent for years.  Similar stories can be read about the Kayano and Nimbus models.

The third generation of the GT2000 is the softest version of this model to date.  It has lost a significant amount of stability, which previously gave the shoe a great balance of support and softness.  The two key features which differentiate this model from its predecessors  are; the heel counter is now an external clutch counter that reduces rear foot support, and the Fluid Ride midsole is not as stable as the Solyte midsole, thus reducing the effectiveness of the Duomax guidance system.

The GT2000-4 arrives in 2016, with a firmer heel counter and more stable midsole.  Early trials of a prototype indicate the next evolution of the shoe will return some of the stability the GT2000-3 has lost.  For those who are unable to wait for the fourth generation, and require the stability of a traditional GT2000, the GT1000-3 is a comparable alternative.  I advise those who are running in GT2000 to make an appointment to come in for a shoe assessment and review to find the correct shoe for your foot and sporting needs.