Is your Nutrition dialled in?

Physiosports are strong believers in the power of nutrition in ensuring the success of your goals.

From injury recovery and sports performance to weight loss, reducing inflammation, and managing hormones, the state of your health and what you feed yourself matters.

Our Functional Nutritionist, Sonia Osborne, is able to provide you with thorough health and diet assessment, to then determine customised achievable plan.

Sonia has been a Nutrition Consultant for the last 15 years and is qualified in Holistic Nutrition through the Nature Care College and is also a certified Food and Health Coach with the International Association of Health and Nutrition Coaching (IAHNC).

Sonia’s expertise is broad, with specialisations in:

  • Body composition change
  • Hormonal-based issues (thyroid, peri/menopause, amenorrhoea, insulin resistance)
  • Chronic pain/Inflammation
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Auto-immunity
  • Digestive Issues
  • Nervous system regulation

Book in with Sonia today to fast-track your recovery and improve your performance.

Here are just some of the kind words from Sonia's patients:

"Sonia cuts through all the clutter and just tells you what you need to do. I am now pain free. Highly recommend." - Steve 46
"I was originally referred to Sonia Osborne by my Doctor after being diagnosed with osteoporosis at 55 years old which really distressed me. I was being advised to begin medical treatment asap but I wanted to first try a natural approach. I will never forget meeting with Sonia for the first time and her confidence and assurance in being able to improve my bone health. I had no idea that my history of severe IBS was at the heart of my problems. Over 12 months I worked with Sonia to heal my gut, and transform my diet and exercise program, plus taking specific supplements. Sonia is a wealth of knowledge and I trust her completely. I have just done a DEXA scan and my specialist was amazed that after 1 year my bones have improved so much I am now well in the osteopenic range and on the way to healthy bones! He said to continue doing what I am doing. I am so grateful to Sonia. Not only is my health back on track, but I also feel amazing and also fit back into my jeans. Thank you Sonia!" ​ - Pauline, 56 years
"How blessed are we to have found Sonia. Her knowledge with chronic disease has been life changing. The most caring, thoughtful, amazing woman and therapist I have ever met. It has been a long journey with both my children being diagnosed with a chronic disease. She has been a solid and constant support with us all on this journey and I can’t thank her enough. Her knowledge with gut health is outstanding. She has not only been their nutritionist, but also their therapist, their confidant and most importantly their pillar of strength. She has been with them every step of their healing journey. I am forever grateful to her. Both my children are now in remission and are finally living normal lives. Thank you Sonia from the bottom of my heart." -Kerrie, 47 years

Nutrition Team

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