Cycling Massage Therapy 60 Minutes

At some point, most cyclists end up with an injury or pain. The trick is not just to treat symptoms – but utilise cycling specific knowledge to understand and resolve the cause – all whilst getting you comfortable or back on the bike as quickly as possible. Which is why it is important to have a therapist who is an expert in cycling injury management.

Massage or ‘soft-tissue therapy’ is of course a great way to maintain flexibility and treat soft tissue injuries, or to recover from the aches and pains of daily life, whether sustained from a training load or just sitting at a desk.

Appointments can be booked for 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on your wishes.


Remedial Massage Therapist 60 Minutes

Our remedial therapists have completed tertiary qualifications in soft tissue therapy and are highly trained so that they can structure the treatment session to your needs. They work alongside our Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation team to ensure the best results for your body.
In addition, your treating massage therapist will understand you as a cyclist, because not only are they highly trained professionals, and experts in cycling injury management, but they are experienced riders who are passionate about cycling. They understand what it means to be off the bike, or not being able to hold a wheel due to injury. They will work to get you riding better, as quickly as possible.


  • A detailed triage process with a background to your cycling, your bike, your bike fits and any injury history
  • An assessment by an expert cycling massage therapist
  • A history of your pain, injury, soreness and training load
  • A massage therapy session that addresses your specific goals

Our Team


60 minutes – as per therapist rates
Health insurance rebates may apply*