A Physiosports Run Assessment is different to other run technique assessments.

Our individualised program is designed to enhance your personal running ability, improve your movement, reduce pain and decrease injury risk.

Your specialist Run Assessment Physiotherapist will perform a full-body analysis of your run technique – then assess your biomechanics, muscle strength and joint mobility against a backdrop of your history and goals. From this integrated approach, we provide you with recommendations to help you move well and run better – not just to improve performance, but also increase comfort and reduce injury.



Unique to a Physiosports Run Assessment is the depth of running and sports-based physiotherapy science we incorporate into your assessment.

Our Run Assessment Physiotherapists are not only passionate runners, but each has years of experience working in running and sports-based physiotherapy along with a range of accredited qualifications – including run coaching, run assessment, run retraining and exercise science.

What to Expect - Before your Run Assessment

  1. BRING - Your run shoes. Bring multiple pairs, if you run in more than one pair. Any orthotics or inserts worn.
  2. WEAR - Usual running attire; ensure close fitting for ease of assessment.
  3. DO NOT WEAR - Loose fitting tops and/or (long) pants/trousers.

What to Expect - During your Run Assessment

  1. WHAT WE DO - We undertake an interview to assess your strength and the way your body moves. We then assess your running on a treadmill, or maybe outside.
  2. PLEASE NOTE - We may ask that you lift/remove your top for visibility of your body, movement and run technique. Please let us know if this is an issue.
  3. RUN CHANGES - We may make basic changes to your run technique, give you advice regarding your running load and/or recommend run technique follow-up. Recommendations will be detailed in your Run Assessment Report.

What to Expect - After your Run Assessment

  1. YOUR REPORT - A Run Assessment Report will be sent to you via email; it will include: 1. Recommendations 2. Video Assessment (Photos) 3. Your History & Body Measures 4. Your measurements compared to running population values
  2. APPOINTMENTS - We may recommend tailored treatment options during your assessment, e.g. a strength and conditioning program, a podiatry review for footwear, mechanical optimisation or a physiotherapist injury assessment. If recommended, we will contact you to book appointments.

Running Assessment Team

Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and Level 2 Running Coach
Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.