Physiosports Brighton is the only practice in Australia that has four Specialist Sports Physiotherapists consulting together. There are only 14 Specialist Sports Physiotherapists in Victoria and 55 Australia wide.


Physiosports Brighton’s Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists are Leanne Rath, Paul Visentini, Steven Whytcross and Ali Low. While all four are experts in the management of complex sports and musculoskeletal injuries generally, they each have areas of special interest including shoulder joint and shoulder tendon injuries, complex hip and pelvis injuries, foot and ankle conditions, cycling injuries (including Physio BikeFit assessment), biomechanical analysis and rehabilitation of golf and running/athletics injuries, as well as expert opinion around tendon injury.


  • To be asked what you want from the specialist consultation.
  • A clear explanation of your complex problem or injury.
  • A list of factors contributing to your problem.
  • To receive care aligned with the latest expert knowledge and evidence.
  • A clear plan of what you can do to achieve your goal: treatment, exercise, rehabilitation, education, on-referral.

Your appointment with the Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist may be for a one-off second opinion or involve ongoing care. Specialist Sports Physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners and do not require a medical referral. This initial consultation may vary in length depending on your injury history. Where possible a questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the initial consultation to establish the background information required for your appointment.

To download the Initial Consultation Questionnaire click here.

Specialist Sports Physiotherapy Appointments are only available through reception at Physiosports Brighton or Pursue Health Highett.


Call reception at Physiosports Brighton 95969110 or Pursue Health Highett 91314977. Our Sports Specialist Physiotherapists consult at one or both of the venues above.

The more information you can provide the better the outcome for you. Initially fill and return a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Initial Consultation Questionnaire.  Please send or bring along all relevant scans, reports and sporting shoes/equipment.

Wear appropriate clothing for assessment of your movement, sport and injured area.

Specialist Sports Physiotherapists