Injuries often occur as a result of poor movement patterns.

This may be due to muscle weakness, joint stiffness or a combination of both. At Physiosports we believe that the fastest way to recover from an injury is to teach you how to stop it occurring in the first place. Rehabilitation involves intensive one-on-one exercise sessions with your physiotherapist, aimed at teaching you how to rectify poor movement patterns and improve strength, flexibility and stability.

Rehabilitation programs are patient specific and tailored to individual needs, whether it be for sport, work or living. They involve a thorough Biomechanical Assessment, performed through the use of video analysis, EMG biofeedback and Real Time Ultrasound.

Real Time Ultrasound – (RTUS)

Using ultrasound scanning (like a pregnancy ultrasound) to view the core muscles to ensure they are activating correctly.

Electromyography – (EMG)

Detects the electrical activity in muscles to determine whether the muscles are activating at the right time, and to the right level, for a specific movement .

Video analysis

Filming specific movement patterns (running, jumping, golf swing) and assessing strength and co-ordination throughout the activity.

What to bring

  1. Singlet/T-shirt
  2. Shorts
  3. Sweat towel
  4. Water bottle
  5. Running shoes
Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.