We were born to run, yet for a lot of us running causes pain and injury.

This is because being able to run and running well are two very different things.

The main reason we end up injured from running is due to our inability to efficiently distribute force throughout the body. When we run, forces of approximately 3 times our body weight (sometimes more) are exerted on our body; good runners are able to distribute and absorb this force throughout their body. If you have an area of weakness or tightness this may result in an overload of adjacent joints and tissue, ultimately leading to an injury.

At Physiosports we understand most runners want to run injured or not! This is why we can design a comprehensive exercise program that will help make you a more efficient runner and keep you out there ‘pounding the pavement’.

The exercise program is developed through the use of:

  1. Video analysis to break down your technique
  2. EMG biofeedback
  3. Real-Time Ultrasound to map your muscles activation patterns
  4. A comprehensive screening program of your joint movements and muscle strength
Rebates are available through your private health insurance extras cover.