At Physiosports we have a unique approach to physiotherapy management.

We believe that our patients should be actively involved in their recovery process in order to benefit most from physiotherapy.

Our team aims to assist in your recovery by

  1. Completing a thorough and accurate assessment of your injury.
  2. Providing an in-depth explanation, including the underlying causes of your injury.
  3. Developing an effective treatment program which fits in with your lifestyle and goals.
  4. Finally, implementing strategies to optimise your recovery including possible referrals to physiotherapy rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, sports physicians or podiatry.

This all takes time, which is why we utilise 30 minute appointments to ensure that you acquire everything you need.

Pain and stiffness are actually symptoms of poor movement strategies. Where most treatments fail is that they focus solely on relieving pain and not addressing the underlying problem. This is why at Physiosports we emphasise the need to change the way you move; we want to cure the condition not treat the symptoms. The combination of ‘hands-on’ therapy and rehabilitation will help you move well and stay well.

Physiotherapy Team

Rebates apply with private health insurance extras cover.