Catya Josephides


Catya Josephides is a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and CLINICAL PILATES INSTRUCTOR having graduated from the Doctor of Physiotherapy course at the University of Melbourne and having previously completed a B. Science majoring in Human Structure and Function.

Catya has been involved in numerous sporting settings including Soccer (Football Victoria), Basketball (NBL1) and particularly with the Senior Women’s team of St. Kevin’s Old Boys Football Club in the VAFA.

Catya has a passion for rehabilitation in particular for the management of overuse injuries and tendinopathy. She has expertise in clinical pilates, muscle motor retraining, and strength based athletic development.

Catya has competed at a high level in cross country and athletics, and has been heavily involved in her own high performance strength training.

Away from work life Catya enjoys travel, cooking and trying all the best restaurants in Melbourne.


Catya runs Physic Exercise Classes at Physiosports, however treats at Pursue Health. To book an appointment to see Catya call Pursue Health on 9131 4977 or book online by clicking here.

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