Pre Bike Purchase Physio Bikefit 30 Minutes

Bikes are expensive, and ride quality is important – but when buying a new bike, how do you know which bike will suit you, and which will give you the best ride? Most importantly, you don’t want to get the frame size wrong!

Our ‘Pre-Purchase Bike Fit’ is an increasingly popular service.

Whether you have already chosen a bike or have some options in mind – we assess your individual needs taking into consideration history, preferences, your body size, injuries, and bio-mechanics – all before you commit your money.

We then provide you with a detailed report to equip you with the information and confidence you need to buy the correct frame, size and bike for you.


  1. Detailed triage process with a background to your cycling, your bike, your bike fits and any injury history. Importantly, you will provide any plans you have for a new bike including brand/s, style and how you ride.
  2. A detailed assessment by an expert cycling physiotherapist.
  3. Assessment and measures of your body; including leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and movement control.
  4. Following your Physio Bikefit Pre-Purchase Bikefit session we provide you a detailed Physio Bikefit Report. It will contain key metrics to best guide you to the right bike for you. We can also provide this and any recommendations to your bike shop, treating practitioner or coach where requested.


Our Team

Learn more about our Physio Bikefit team and the expertise and clinical training our expert cycling physiotherapists bring to your bike fit and assessments.


30 minutes – as per therapist rates
Health insurance rebates may apply*