A Physiosports Ergonomic Assessment is an individualised process designed to make your work more comfortable and to improve your health and productivity.

The process involves a detailed analysis of your workstation via video link, an assessment of the equipment you use and how this potentially impacts your body and work.  From this integrated approach, we provide you with the recommendations to help you be as comfortable as possible at your workstation or prevent problems occurring.


Unique to a Physiosports Ergonomic Assessment is the depth of postural and musculoskeletal physiotherapy science we incorporate into your assessment.

Our Ergonomic Assessment physiotherapists are Masters trained and have many years of wide-ranging experience in Musculoskeletal Fitness & Injury management at the highest level. This base of theoretical knowledge and clinical involvement prepares them well to assess your current concerns, your workplace set-up, as well as your other activities including exercise.

Rebates apply with private health insurance extras cover.