Physio Bikefit 120 Minutes – 2 bikes or detailed injury assessment

Short on time? Book an all-in-one body and bike assessment where in one session we combine your Physio Bikefit as above (90 minutes), with your detailed body assessment – a full assessment related to specific pain or injury (30 minutes).


  1. Detailed triage process with a background to your cycling, your bike, your bike fits and any injury history
  2. A detailed assessment by an expert cycling physiotherapist.
  3. A history of your pain, injury, training load and bike set-up/s.
  4. Assessment and measures of your body; including leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement control.
  5. Full assessment of your specific injury or pain related to cycling.
  6. Specific measures of not just your bike – but you on the bike and how you interact with the bike.
  7. A video assessment of you pedalling and your body position.
  8. Assessment of your cleat position.
  9. Following your Physio Bikefit we provide you a detailed Physio Bikefit Report. We can also provide this and any recommendations to your bike shop, treating practitioner or coach where requested.
  10. Your report will include a tailored plan aimed at meeting your specific cycling goals, from both a body and a bike perspective – more than just changing your saddle position.

Our Team

Learn more about our Physio Bikefit team and the expertise and clinical training our expert cycling physiotherapists bring to your bike fit and assessments.


120 Minutes $520.
Health insurance rebates may apply*