Recommended Guidelines & Resources to Manage Concussion in the Community prepared by The Physiosports Group (Physiosports Brighton & Pursue Health Highett) for our sponsor groups and local community.



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Before your appointment with Dr John Brooks, please fill in the triage form (which you can download by clicking here) and email your triage form to 24 hours before you attend your session. The triage form contains information about your condition and will help us plan for your appointment.



  1. Recognise Symptoms – Use the Headcheck App OR the Concussion Recognition Tool (CRT).
  2. Remove the Player – ‘When in doubt sit them out!’
  3. Medical Assessment – players with a suspected concussion should be assessed by a registered medical practitioner.
  4. No return to play until cleared by a medical practitioner.
  5. Recommend you use our CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE PROFORMA (click here) to guide return to play in collaboration with your medical practitioner.


  1. If concussion confirmed rest is recommended for 24-48 hours.
  2. Initially undertake symptom limited activity aimed at return to school/life (no sport).
  3. Grade the return to physical activity to full training – must have no symptoms – see the management guidelines form the AFL.
  4. Full contact return after clearance – DAY 12 at the earliest (recovery varies, children recover slower, if there is a history of recurrence be more conservative).