A common assumption is that our bones get weaker as we get older. True or false?

24.Jun.19 | Physiotherapy, Pilates

We can help YOU improve your bone health

A common assumption is that our bones get weaker as we get older. True or false?


The latest scientific research confirms that lower bone density (osteoporosis and osteopaenia) are a result of inactivity and lifestyle choices. It is not a natural fact of aging and we can help reduce a number of associated health issues by addressing bone health.

66% of Australian’s over 50 years of age have osteoporosis and osteopaenia. This is a primary factor of fracture in the general population. Osteoporosis is defined as the net loss of normal bone turnover that our body undergoes on a regular basis. It can affect both women and men but there is a higher risk with women post menopause due to the reduced hormone production of oestrogen which is a regulator of our normal bone generation. Not only does osteoporosis and osteopaenia increase risk of fracture but is linked to loss of height, breathing difficulties, reflux and stomach complaints, stooped posture, increase risk of falls and depression.

What can we do to help our bones?

You will probably not find many people who do not know that exercise is good for our body as it strengthens our muscles and improves our overall health. However, we do not hear much about the huge benefits exercise can give our bones. Remarkably, there is a huge amount of evidence that proves that resistance exercises can stop loss of bone density and maintain your bone health.

However, the key is in what kind of exercise you choose in order to improve your bone health. Walking and static exercises don’t cut the mustard when it comes to bone. It needs to be varied and dynamic exercise to maximise the stimulus of bony tissue. This is best to begin under supervision of a trained professional to maximise benefits and progressively increase your program in a graduated manner to avoid injury.

At our sister clinic, Pursue Health we have enthusiastic and experienced physiotherapists that run specific Bone Health classes called LifeStrong Classes. Call them directly to find out more on 03 9131 4977 or click here to read about the LIfeStrong Classes.