Falls Prevention

25.Jun.19 | Physiotherapy, Pilates, Podiatry

Falls in older people are a major concern for a range of reasons including: fractures, hospitalisation, longer term disability, reduction in confidence and increased isolation at home as a result of a fall. Studies have shown that at least one third of people over 65 will have at least one fall each year and increasing with age. At least 30% of these falls result in serious injury. 

Where’s the good news?

There is good evidence to suggest that the number of falls and severity of their consequences can be reduced with a specific falls/balance class. Research has shown that a well-designed class addressing the following concerns can reduce falls by 35%. 

  • Moderate to high challenging balance exercise
  • 2 hours per week on an ongoing basis 
  • Group setting – added social benefit and motivation
  • Strength training – to improve cognitive and every day function 

Keep in mind

The reason we can have a fall are not solely balance or strength related. It is important to cast the net widely to ensure we address all the potential factors and maximise the benefit to our clients. The following are factors noted in the most recent research: 

  • Feet and footwear – podiatry assessment 
  • Eyesight – regular eye checks 
  • Walking aids – assessment of walking pattern 
  • General medical health – discuss with your GP 

We offer a diverse range of services to minimise falls and maximise benefit to our clients. These range from our Balance and LifeStrong classes held at Pursue Health, Podiatry assessments, Walking aid assessments as well as the huge benefit to confidence and social interaction that we give our clients.