How to Find the Right Football Boots. 2022 Edition.

13.May.22 | Physiotherapy, Podiatry

Football boots, just like runners, are still a personal choice in fit and feel, with different boots suiting different feet. Ensuring you try on the boots and are correctly fitted will help reduce the risk of blisters, compression and musculo-skeletal problems. Fitting orthotics into boots is also a special consideration and may need to be discussed with a podiatrist.


As a general rule if there have been significant foot and ankle problems wearing a boot that is more like a good running shoe (i.e ASICS Gel Lethal range) is likely to give better support and protection.


When going to buy boots it’s essential you take football socks and orthotics if you have them.

Considerations in football boots involves the outer layer, with the higher grades of leather being more comfortable, breathable, durable and more expensive, whereas a synthetic material is cheaper and has a shorter lifespan, but comes with a cheaper price, which may be more considered in the growing foot. Weight of the boot is a personal preference and generally the lighter the boot the better the speed. Studs can be flatter and wider helping with agility, while oval shaped studs may be more stable. Heel height could be considered if you’ve had a history of sever’s or Achilles tendinopathy and a heel raise could be considered.



Below is a list of recommended football boots to look at in the lead up to the 2022 football season.


Asics lethal tigreor IT FF $240:

  • Kangaroo leather
  • Suits a wide foot.
  • Lightweight helps agility and propulsion.


Asics Gel lethal tigreor ST $240: