Leanne Rath (FACP)

10.Jan.17 | Legacy

Leanne Rath (FACP)

Leanne Rath is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (FACP)*, with a sub-specialty in the Hip. She is employed as a Consultant Clinical Specialist at Physiosports, Brighton. After 16 years of team travel, Leanne focuses her sports work on an individual case basis in the clinic. She provides both primary, and second opinion consultations for health professional colleagues and to individual athletes.

Over the last 27 years, the combined benefit of working in clinical and sport/performance environments has developed broad experience and perspective. This work experience, coupled with a rich background of learning and teaching, has led to the exploration of the clinical utility of alternate paradigms of injury prevention and management. Whilst these skills have been particularly developed and practiced within the context of diagnosis and management of hip, pelvis and groin injuries, Leanne enjoys a broad clinical interest in presentations related to foot and ankle; chronic pain management; dance injury management/prevention; gymnastics injury management/prevention; athletic and running injuries; and any recalcitrant sports injury presentation.

Leanne’s diverse team and work appointments include The Australian Institute of Sport (1998-2004), The Australian Ballet (2006-2009), The Australian Netball Team (1993-1996), The Australian Swimming Team(1997), The Australian Gymnastics team (1998-2003) (including Olympic Team Physiotherapist appointment in 2000), The Australian Women’s Volleyball Team(1998-2002), The North Melbourne Giants Basketball team(1996-1998) (NBL), The Australian Master’s Hockey Team(1991-1993), AIS development Soccer Program (1998-2003) and the AIS Track and Field Program(1998-2003).

Leanne has recently been appointed as an Adjunct Fellow in the School of Health and Rehabilitation sciences at the University of Queensland.  She is a collaborative team member, with Adam Semciw, Kylie Tucker and Dr.Tania Pizzari, in research investigating the functionally separate parts of Adductor Magnus using fine wire EMG. The goal is to provide evidence for the regionally specific rehabilitation of the inner thigh and potentially guide further research along this line to assist with the understanding of other areas of injury around the hip, groin and pelvis.

Leanne is a freelance lecturer, with regular appointments lecturing for the APA on the Level Three Sports Course (1998 ongoing), is a Lecturer and Clinical supervisor on La Trobe University Masters in Sports Course, Examines for The Australian College of Physiotherapy for Sports Candidates undergoing Fellowship Exams, since 2009 (ongoing) and has lectured with Andrew Wallis, for the Hip & Groin Clinic, on a series of courses called Explore the Sporting Hip and Groin, since 2012.

* as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2008