27.Nov.17 | Legacy

The Amy Gillett Share the Road Tour is sadly over. I have just ridden from the Gold Coast to Sydney. An amazing experience with a committed group of riders and advocates for safer roads – cyclists and motorists together. We rode 1080km over 7 days in rain, sunshine, on gravel, up and down hills, up to 180km per day.

The point of the ride is to raise awareness and to raise funds. For more info go to


Thank you to those who have helped so far by attending our first movie night or donating directly. If you would like to support this great cause you can do a number of things:

  1. Donate directly
  2. Be an advocate for a change in legislation in Victoria, the only Australian state not to trial or adopt the 1m min distance Daniel Andrews et al need to be logical and make this happen. Ridiculous – drivers do this anyway!
  3. Do the Share the Road Tour next year!
  4. Check out this year’s itinerary and ride information

Thanks for helping, donating or being aware. A metre matters!