Phil’s Footy Boot Comparison

05.May.14 | Legacy

Our Podiatrist Phil Trump compares new footy booty available on the market

STYLE: Traditional
SIZES:Men’s 8-13

BRAND Nike Tiempo Legend IV Adidas Adipure 11pro Adidas Copa Mundial Asics Testimonial 2
PRICE $220 $220 $220 $250
WEIGHT 247g 238g 330g 277g

UPPER: The Tiempo, Testimonial and the Copa Mundial are all made from kangaroo leather, while the 11pro is made from Taurus (calf) leather.

  • Copa Mundial: This boot has the softest upper, as it has the least stitching across the toes.  The Copa Mundial has been found to stretch the most, which initially improves fit, but can also make it feel loose.
  • Tiempo: The Tiempo is also very soft.  It holds its shape better than the Copa Mundial, making it feel the most comfortable.
  • Testimonial: The Testimonial is similar to the Tiempo.  It has slightly more stitching, which allows the boot to hold it shape longer and creates excellent ball feel throughout the season.
  • 11pro: The 11pro’s upper is stiffer than the other boots.  It can becomes crusty when wet, while the other boots retain their softness even after drying.

All the boots have central lacing, creating a fit that is not hindered by any off centre lacing.  However, the Copa Mundial and the Testimonial both have fold over tongues, which can get in the way as they move around during play.

MIDSOLE: The Testimonial is the only boot that has a midsole.  It has a 10mm heel lift, which initially feels different and unstable, although, once worn in, it is the most comfortable on hard grounds.


  • 11pro: The 11pro has a sprint frame, which is very stable and comfortable underfoot.  The sprint frame is also micoach compatible allowing players to track their distance on the Adidas website.  The 11pro has the least number of studs making it the most uncomfortable on hard grounds.
  • Copa Mundial: The Copa Mundial is the most unstable underfoot.  Its plastic outsole is not reinforced and twists under high load.  Although,the Copa Mundial’s soft outsole is unstable, it does make it the most comfortable due to its softness.
  • Testimonial & Tiempo: The Testimonial and the Tiempo are both board lasted with a contoured plastic shank.  The Tiempo has the ideal balance between comfort and stability.  The Testimonial has excellent forefoot comfort, however, the heel studs are narrow, which reduces the feeling of stability.


  • Forefoot:The 11pro has the widest fit and is the least restrictive.  The Testimonial has the second widest fit and due to the kangaroo leather moulds well across the forefoot.  The Tiempo stretches after an initial feeling of tightness across the forefoot, making it the most comfortable.  The Copa Mundial initially feels the best as it more easily stretches around the forefoot, however, it can become too loose.
  • Midfoot:The four boots have leather uppers, central lacing and wide shanks, which creates a better fit across the midfoot.
  • Heel Counter:The four boots have internal heel counters, which all provide support, without feeling restrictive.
  • Orthoses:

o   11pro: The 11pro fits the widest range of orthoses due to its flat sole and wide forefoot.

o   Testimonial: The Testimonial will also fit a range of orthoses and will simulate a runner as it has a heel lift, however its midsole is contoured which restricts some othoses.

o   Tiempo: The Tiempo will fit most orthoses well with only a slight adjustment to the heel required to accommodate its slight contour.

o   Copa Mundial: The Copa Mundial fits an orthotic easily, however, its insole cannot be removed and therefore a full length device cannot be used.  Additionally, its instability would be exaggerated by more aggressive orthoses.

CONCLUSION: All four boots despite being placed in the same category function differently.  For players looking for a lightweight, wide fitting boot, with the option of fitting orthoses, the 11pro is the ideal boot.  For those who require stability or boots with decreased stud pressure, the Tiempo is a more appropriate boot.  Comparatively, the Testimonial is the ideal boot for those searching for a boot that makes running easier without compromising weight or feel.


  • Tiempo: Players with a narrow to normal width who want a soft leather boot with a comfortable ride.
  • 11pro: Players who want a lightweight boot, have a normal to wide foot or who need to fit orthoses.
  • Copa Mundial: Players who want a very soft traditional boot for better ball feel. Remember when purchasing this boot buy a size smaller than you usually wear.
  • Testimonial: Players who have a normal to wide foot that want a traditional leather boot that provides support to the foot.