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27.Jul.16 | Legacy

Physiosports Brighton has 2 “Physio bikefitters” to help check your Body and your Bike!

image-e87c1948a7da230b8225c2354c3d0c660f3ca48bc6abb912a9f44257b8eac445-VVisit our Website for more info. Call our friendly reception on 95969110 to book your PHYSIO BIKEFIT with Paul Visentini and Angus McDowell.

Physiosports Brighton involved in world leading Cycling Conference in Normandy for the Grand Départ of the 2016 Tour de France.
Paul Visentini recently flew to Europe and presented his 3 day course in Groningen, Holland, as well as a Masterclass at the Science and Cycling conference in the lead-up to the Grand Depart of the Tour de France.  He also presented a paper regarding his systematic review into cycling overuse injuries.  In attendance at his Masterclass were leading researchers and bike-fitters from Sth Africa, the US, Indonesia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy.  The content was very well received, emphasising the fact that at Physiosports Brighton our method of assessment and management of overuse injury in cycling and other sports is world leading and worlds best practice!

A key feature of our research at this stage is that cycling pain is not recipe driven – back pain has never been proven to be related to having your seat too high; knee pain never proven to be related to knee angle. The interaction between the body and the bike is more complex than just one variable telling the whole story. A thorough assessment of the body and the bike can make you less sore and faster.

Road to recovery: proactive strategies for dealing with injury.
Being injured is negative awesome. Kath Bicknell shares some positive, proactive strategies for kicking rehab butt and avoiding the injury blues. Click on the link for the full article.

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ITALIAN CYCLING & TRIATHLON training tour SEPT 12-19th 2016 Stay at the AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE of SPORTS European Training Centre and Bormio, home of the Stelvio.

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