Physiosports Brighton Mastering Load Level 1

07.May.13 | Legacy

There are only a few spots left for Physiosports Brighton Mastering Load Level 1 course on Sunday June 2
email for a rego form if you are interested in attending

Paul Visentini FACP
Steve Whytcross APA Sports Physiotherapist
Lynne Thompson

A detailed analysis of how the body is able to deal with athletic loading (of the kinetic chains of the Lower and Upper limbs) at the:

1. MACROSCOPIC level: The closed kinetic chain from foot to trunk needs to work synergistically to dissipate load in running, change of direction and jump and land activities, as well as efficiently creating power.  We analyse it’s function and dysfunctions.

2. MICROSCOPIC level:  Any force or load on the body has an effect at the cellular level. Which loads have a positive effect, which negative. How does cartilage, bone, muscle, fascia, tendon react to load. How can we use Mechanotherapy (anabolic load) to make the body better.

Level 1 Course (1 day)* :
Sunday 2nd June 2013

An analysis of Closed Chain loading and the evidence base supporting assessment and management of this system. Hands-on assessment of local and global aspects, as well as functional assessment.

Theory of Tissue and Bone Loading at a cellular level-how we can optimise tissue and bone loading for management and prevention of injury.

Level 2 Course (1 day)*:
Sunday 13th October
Level 1 course is a pre-requisite (or equivalent).**

Investigating  measurement modalities in kinetic chain assessment including Hand Held Dynamometry, Video Analysis, Jump Testing and Functional Outcome Scores.

Practical Application utilising Level 1 course skills – real patients, with an analysis of clinical reasoning

*Suitable to any Physiotherapist, Doctor  or other allied health practitioner.
** Level 1 Course equivalent = “Integrated Rehabilitation of the Sporting Pelvis and Lower Limb”