Steve goes to the Masters.

29.May.19 | Physiotherapy

The 2019 US Masters saw the most improbable and amazing victory by Tiger Woods. After four years of debilitating back pain, that often left him bed-ridden, the best known golfer on the planet announced his return to fitness with an emphatic victory on arguably golf’s greatest stage. I was lucky enough to be at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia this year to witness the unthinkable.

While we may not all agree with some of the things Tiger has done over the last two decades, we cannot help but sit in awe of what he has achieved in the last 12 months. Less than 2 years ago Tiger was unable to walk due to debilitating back and leg pain. He had undergone multiple surgeries to try and alleviate his pain and ultimately had spinal fusion surgery (where the bones are literally held in place by metal rods and screws to stop any movement). His ability to comeback from such devastating injuries and play professional golf at this level is a testament to his physical fitness regime, mental fortitude and meticulous planning.

The Masters is truly magical – from the moment you walk into the grounds your senses are overloaded with sights, smells and sounds of this great event. While any golf fan knows of Augusta’s beauty, the experience of being there far surpasses expectations. It’s the little things that surprise you. Primarily Augusta is hilly – there is barely a flat surface on the course. The colours are more vivid in person, especially the Azalea flowers at Amen corner. Then there are the quirks of Augusta that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a time warp – no phones or cameras, manual scoreboards and temporary grandstands created by portable Masters camping chairs, not to mention paying less than $5 for a Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich and a beer for lunch. It is like a theme park created for golf tragics like me. All of this before I witnessed what the experts are calling the best Masters since a 46-year-old Jack Nicklaus won in 1986.

While I will always remember and cherish my magical time wandering the hallowed fairways at the Masters, it will be Tiger’s victory and more so his commitment to recovery and rehabilitation that sits in the forefront of my mind.