Tips to keep your Children’s feet healthy

13.Oct.15 | Legacy
  1. Allow your child to go barefoot as much asimg_2652possible, especially as they learn to walk, it enhances their balance, sensory ability and improves their muscle strength. Studies show that children with the healthiest and most supple feet are those who habitually go barefoot.

  1. Your baby’s feet will grow faster in the first 3 years than any other time in their life. In the first 12 months their feet will reach almost ½ of their adult size, by 12 years a child’s foot is almost 90% of adult length.
  1. Shoes should protect your child’s foot and enhance normal foot function, not inhibit/restrict or change their gait in any way.
  • Children’s footwear should bend/flex where the foot bends.
  • A child’s foot should be measured every 3-6 months to ensure correct footwear fit. Ill fitting and poorly made shoes are one of the biggest causes of
    podiatry foot complaints.
  • If your child is unsteady or tripping (reducing their safety) in their shoes & not in bare feet then the shoes are wearing not appropriate (or safe).