VALD – Elite Strength & Performance Testing

26.Feb.24 | Physiotherapy, Podiatry

Offering unparalleled insights to improve your performance.

VALD force technology is utilised around the world and is considered the benchmark for performance testing in athletes of all levels. It enables us to measure the forces you produce when performing certain actions, this means we can check for any asymmetry and set goals based on normative data in your sporting code.

Force Plates measure the force in Newtons (N) you apply to the plate, allowing us to assess dynamic tasks and obtain data that can be applied to sport specific movements. Tests include squat jump, countermovement jump, calf raise, drop jumps, mid thigh pull, balance, landing and more!

Dynamo is a hand held device that differs to the force plate in that it targets specific regions of the body in measuring strength. Using this we can isolate and check the strength of your hip, quadricep, hamstring, calf, foot, shoulder, tricep, back and more!

This newly available technology at Physiosports provides us with numbers and data that can be tracked throughout your journey with us. Whether it is rehabilitation of an ACL injury or improving your vertical jump for basketball, our data can be monitored over months to assess for improvement and adjust your plan accordingly. Our VALD assessors have spent considerable time reading the available research and are able to interpret the data for you in a concise report.

If you are looking to elevate your game to the next level, want to establish data driven goals or looking for a more targeted approach to your injury rehabilitation then VALD could be for you. Please contact the clinic if you would like to learn more or want to book a time for your VALD assessment.

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