Strategies to keep your feet blister free!

08.Nov.19 | Podiatry

5 Tips on Blister Prevention

  1. Proper fitting footwear – The adequate fit is essential as our feet are all different shapes and sizes, we need to ensure lengths and widths are appropriately fitted for your feet.
  2. Moisture wicking socks – Blisters form through moisture and friction, Socks that have moisture management properties are a great help to prevent blistering.
  3. Cover up! – If your prone to hot spots, red spots that appear throughout your walk/run, covering up with sports tape, moleskin and or gel bandages help reduce the repetitive stress the skin is exposed too. For further information speak to our podiatrist about blister prevention taping.
  4. Custom Orthotics and Innersoles- a great tool for blister management as these devices have the potential to correct foot posture, offload heightened arears of tissue stress. For more information about orthotics speak to our podiatrist for a greater insight on how you can benefit from orthotics and innersoles.
  5. Powders, creams and antiperspirants- Another great tool for blister prevention as they focus on moisture management. The ease of application for this treatment is why they are widely used when running and walking.

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