Cracked heels.

30.Jan.20 | Podiatry

Dry cracked heels can be a very common occurrence in many people. It is even more prevalent in summer when wearing thongs and sandals. The heel pain can be intense and sometimes cause bleeding. When these cracks are left unattended, they can cause serious infection.

Treatment for cracked heels can include wearing socks and enclosed shoes more often, moisturizing and using a pumice to get rid of excess skin. Seeing a podiatrist for cracked heels will often give you the best first step and results overall. Podiatrists at Pursue health are well skilled at debriding the hyperkeratosis or callus off the heels with a scalpel blade – it is pain free.

If you are worried about your cracked heels, or want your feet at their best heading into summer then book an appointment with the podiatrists at Pursue health in Highett.

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