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28.Sep.21 | Bikefit, Physiotherapy


Physiosports PhysioBikefit is fully online and now available. IBFI accredited and credit points available for physiotherapists. The equivalent of a 2 day course, Physiosports PhysioBikefit is a perfect entry point to managing cycling injury and pain.

Lecture 1 – Paul Visentini
– Epidemiology of Cycling Injury & Systematic Review of Risk Factors for Overuse Cycling Injury (45mins)

Lecture 2 – Rodrigo Bini
– Biomechanics of Cycling (60mins).

Lecture 3 – Paul Visentini 
– Mastering Cycling Load – The Cycling Kinetic Chain (60mins).

Lecture 4 – Paul Visentini 
– Physio BikeFit – Theory (60mins).

Lecture 5 – Paul Visentini 
– (Workshop 1) Interview & Body Assessment – Part 1.

Lecture 6 – Paul Visentini 
– A Model for Overuse Injury in Cycling (60mins).

Lecture 7 – Paul Visentini
– Cycling Body Ax – Part 2 (45mins).

Lecture 8 – Paul Visentini 
– The Squat Masterclass (30mins).

Lecture 9 – Paul Visentini
– Complex Rehabilitation Theory & Cycling Body Ax – Part 3 (30mins).


Bikefit – what is important and what should we measure? Historically Bikefit has relied upon measures related to seat and handlebar position, as well as KOPS (Knee over pedal spindle). Many of the measures and guidelines used lack validity and reliability – what should be used? What can we ignore? In which areas do we require further evidence? Our Physiosports Physio Bikefit course introduces you to the bike, the body and cycling loading.


How do you pedal? The best of cycling biomechanics & muscle action theory with world leading cycling biomechanist Dr Rodrigo Bini & Specialist Sports Physiotherapist Paul Visentini. Explore effectiveness, efficiency, kinematics and activation in cycling – and how it is related to bike positioning and body ability.



Cyclists ride with significant levels of pain. Cycling injury practitioners have a unique role in optimising the fit of the bike, the function of the cycling body and the management of the cycling load. Discover more from leaders in their fields at the Physiosports Physio Bikefit course.

Overview of Main Injuries

  • Overuse Related



What is clinical reasoning? Why is it important? In Bikefit and Cycling Injury management one might consider anterior knee pain – what are the causes? Importantly knee pain is not only related to SEAT TOO LOW. Physiosports Physio Bikefit can help you reason through the many factors involved in cycling injury management and performance enhancement. Read “Why Clinical Reasoning Matters”. We are fully online and now available.


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Join us at our Physio BikeFit Course Now ONLINE  with a Live Workshops on 29 & 30 October 2021, or simply watch all the lectures and workshops online.

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