‘What the Fog?!’ Program, helping menopausal woman

30.May.24 | Nutrition



Your Changing Hormones

From approximately the age of 40 years a woman’s ovaries go into accelerated aging and her vital life hormones start declining. This affects the WHOLE BODY (not just fertility). These hormones are protective of EVERY BODILY SYSTEM. It is like a woman’s coat of armour is falling to the ground.

Sadly, this is why statistics show that 50% of women will have a fracture after the age of 50 years and women are 3x more like to get Dementia.

It is vital that women become informed and change how they are eating, moving, living and thinking about this “new normal” not only for the management of inflammatory symptoms (from weight gain, IBS and tendonitis to anxiety, sore joints and depression) but also to ensure healthy aging.

Start Prioritising YOU

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One of many testimonials from Sonia’s February program:

Amazing course on all things menopause! Insightful, inclusive, and packed with educational ‘ah-ha’ moments. A must-do for all women.”

Huge thanks go to Sonia for a welcoming space to learn and share experiences in this phase of our lives. It’s been an eye opening yet supportive few weeks, and I’m so glad I attended.

Sonia shared her extensive knowledge on nutrition, movement, lifestyle and mindset to help us navigate the peri menopause/menopause transition. Being with a group of women and sharing experiences was very supportive. I now feel well informed and ready to optimise my health!

The course was a powerful affirmation to women going through menopause. Most women do not speak of it or palm it off as moodiness and hot flushes and feel isolated when symptoms come hard and fast. Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and an excellent way to present information that is easy to understand with great tips and ideas for how to make change for women’s health. Knowledge is powerful. Would highly recommend this course.



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