Cycling Strength Program 60 Minutes

Our Cycling strength programs are patient specific and tailored to your individual needs. A cycling strength program is geared towards optimising performance in an individual who is injury free but who is looking to take a step up in their cycling ability and injury prevention.

Cycling research (Ronnestad – link) shows that a 12-week strength program will make you faster in nearly every cycling testing parameter from 40sec all out sprints to a 3-hour ride. Over a number of sessions, we will structure and build your program which will be available on a video-based app for you to use at home on your phone or iPad.


  1. Detailed triage process giving a background to your cycling and goals.
  2. A detailed assessment by an expert cycling physiotherapist of key components of strength and movement in the cycling body.
  3. Education and teaching regarding any deficits in your cycling chain and how strength gains will be achieved
  4. Teaching of the appropriate strength program
  5. A program plan via email or video exercise program



Our Team

Learn more about our Physio Bikefit team and the expertise and clinical training our expert cycling physiotherapists bring to your bike fit and assessments.


60 minutes – as per therapist rates
Health insurance rebates may apply*