A Physio Bikefit involves a cycling physiotherapist assessing your body, your bike, your cycling technique. Physio Bikefit can help you move well and ride better. Our Cycling Physiotherapists have the clinical skills and bike-fit expertise to best manage your concerns.

  • Lower back & neck pain
  • Saddle discomfort
  • Knee and sit bone pain
  • Hand tingling and numbness
  • Inability to pedal well & efficiently
Physiotherapists are body movement experts. They will assess your body and the unique way it moves. Our physiotherapists will also do a ‘bikefit’ to make sure your bike is appropriately set-up for you.

Physiosports 'Physiobikefit' includes

  1. A detailed history of your pain or injury, training load and bike set-up/s
  2. An assessment and measures of your body – leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, coordination and movement control
  3. Taking specific measures of your bike, and of you on the bike
  4. A video assessment
  5. A plan of how to improve the way you ride from both a body and a bike perspective

Physio Bikefit team

Our team of cycling physiotherapists are specialists or have a special interest in cycling, having worked with cyclists from Cycling Australia, Tinkoff, Lotto, Drapac Professional Cycling, and Specialised Women’s Cycling, as well as triathletes from Bayside Triathlon Club, Tri-Response Group and ASF Tri. We are involved in educating physiotherapists in cycling injury management worldwide with our Science of Cycling courses past and present held in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Italy, Holland, Edinburgh and France.

Rebates are available for your Physio Bikefit through your private health insurance extras cover.

Frequently asked questions

Why a Physio Bikefit and not ReTul or Specialised?

ReTul and Specialised BG Fit are forms of motion capture technology of which there are many. They measure your angles only, and not very accurately. The most important component is an experienced bikefitter to interpret these numbers in association with your body’s ability, your bike measures, and your problem!

What should I bring?

Bring your bike, cycling shoes and shorts/knicks. The assessment is done with no top on (crop top for females) and a few texta marks. We will change over your rear skewer if required or you can bring your own for attachment to a MagTrainer.

How long will it take?

Your appointment is for 1 hour, with reports emailed to you within 24 hours.

What will occur during the session?

We will initially talk about any soreness, injury or concerns, as well as your cycling history, training and your bike. We will then assess and measure your body and your bike, and video you on the bike under various conditions. We will then analyse the findings and together plan for bike changes, exercises, treatment or cycling technique correction as required to optimise your cycling performance and experience.